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Manage for Growth

About Us

An innovative and dynamic professional, Mark Grundy applied his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help small businesses achieve their goals and started MfG Solutions in 2014. Centering on proven Manage for Growth processes, MFG’s sales management practice has assisted organizations with sales team process implementation, oversight and accountability. Under Mark’s leadership organizations have realized multi-year, multi-million dollar product sales, increased recurring revenue services contracts, multi-million dollar sales pipeline growth and overall above plan client revenues while reducing sales cycles and overall sales costs.

In 2018, the salesQB platform of proven sales process methodologies was added which enabled MfG Solutions to deliver additional part-time or “fractional” Sales Management value in helping his small business clients realize business growth by managing all aspects of their sales processes and people.

How We Work With You

Step 1

If you are struggling with your sales department and you’re tired of inconsistent results due to not being able to adequately Manage revenue growth – make the call for a FREE 1HR.

Step 2

Taking a deeper dive in getting to know more about you, your company and where you’re heading is important. We need to understand more about your current salespeople, systems, and process. An audit gives us this picture and we can benchmark that information against best practices of other top sales organizations. This is a working document that serves as a roadmap to sales success.

Step 3

Engage with us on a part-time or fractional basis to implement the 6-step plan and execute on what we discover in the Sales Best Practises Audit, tuning up the processes first and then moving into accountability management and coaching of the sales organization.

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